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A survey by the COVID-19 Consortium for Understanding the Public’s Policy Preferences Across States reported that out of 21,196 adults questioned, 23.8% of respondents said that they were very concerned about being able to receive care during the pandemic, and another 27.4% said that they were somewhat concerned.

When asked about getting the coronavirus themselves, 67.8% of U.S. adults came down on the concerned side (33.3% somewhat and 34.5% very concerned) versus 30.8% who were not concerned (18.6% were not very concerned; 12.2% were not concerned at all). Respondents’ concern was higher for their family members’ risk of getting coronavirus: 30.2% were somewhat concerned and 47.6% were very concerned, the consortium said.

Among many other topics, respondents were asked how closely they had followed recommended health guidelines in the last week, with the two extremes shown here:

  • Avoiding contact with other people: 49.3% very closely, 4.8% not at all closely.
  • Frequently washing hands: 74.7% very, 1.6% not at all.
  • Disinfecting often-touched surfaces: 54.4% very, 4.3% not at all.
  • Wearing a face mask in public: 75.7% very, 3.5% not at all.


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