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Dec 14
COVID Patients’ Crackpot Theories Take Toll on Healthcare Workers

In addition to numerous other pandemic stressors, clinicians must care for…

Nov 30
Steps to Physician Wellness and Resiliency

This webinar looks at aspects of physician wellness and discusses depression, suicide,…

Nov 25
Doctors Are Calling It Quits Under Stress of the Pandemic

Clinicians across the country are struggling both mentally and financially as the…

Nov 17
‘Exhausted’: Tsunami of COVID-19 Cases Pushes Health Workers to the Breaking Point

The growing surge of COVID-19 patients is not only filling up available hospital beds,…

Nov 10
Don’t Wait for Stressed Clinicians to Ask for Help, Experts Say

When it comes to employees, looking for trouble is good policy.

Nov 09
Self-Care a Must for Nurses to Combat Compassion Fatigue

A healthy work/life balance and self-care tactics are vital resources that serve as a…

Nov 03
Sleep Disorder Among Doctors Associated with Burnout

This study suggests that undiagnosed and untreated sleep disorders are associated with…

Oct 30
Survey Shows COVID-19 is Taking a Toll on Med Students

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered medical students’ experience in 2020,…

Oct 30
Coronavirus: Embrace Post-traumatic Growth as Response to Pandemic

With a positive approach to change, healthcare workers and their organizations can…

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