Category: COVID-19 for the Workforce

Jan 08
The Challenge in Tracking Unemployment Among Health Care Workers and Why It Matters

Having accurate data on the health workforce is essential to direct policy and can…

Jan 07
Some Health Care Workers Say They Are ‘Forgotten’ In COVID-19 Vaccination Plans

Countless medical professionals who care for COVID-19 patients have struggled to get…

Jan 06
N.Y. to Fine Hospitals that Fail to Use Up Vaccines

Hospitalizations in New York have doubled since early December, and daily new cases…

Dec 14
COVID Patients’ Crackpot Theories Take Toll on Healthcare Workers

In addition to numerous other pandemic stressors, clinicians must care for…

Nov 25
Doctors Are Calling It Quits Under Stress of the Pandemic

Clinicians across the country are struggling both mentally and financially as the…

Nov 23
These Front-Line Workers Could Have Retired. They Risked Their Lives Instead.

Retired healthcare workers, most of whom were 65 years and older, had a variety of…

Nov 17
‘Exhausted’: Tsunami of COVID-19 Cases Pushes Health Workers to the Breaking Point

The growing surge of COVID-19 patients is not only filling up available hospital beds,…

Nov 16
Telemedicine Surge Likely to Remain

The benefits of telemedicine reveal themselves as doctors and patients are forced to…

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