5 Ways Hospitals Can Protect IT Systems in the Era of Remote Work and Telehealth Expansion

Becker’s Hospital Review and Imprivata hosted a webinar on September 10 discussing strategies to protect privacy and maintain efficiency within hospital information systems while employees work from home. The speakers of the webinar were:

  • Matt Erich, vice president of sales engineering, Imprivata
  • Joel Alcon, product marketing manager, Imprivata

The speakers discussed five considerations for hospitals shifting to a more remote workforce and expanding virtual care offerings:

  1. Remote workers need access to the same clinical systems they had access to in the hospital. 
  2. Use portals where remote workers can access their cloud-delivered applications as well as their traditional server applications, which are delivered through virtualization technology. 
  3. Adopt virtual desktop infrastructure. 
  4. Utilize telehealth applications to remotely identity proof prescribers. 
  5. Relax some security controls so they don’t come into play when a telehealth visit is in progress.


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