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What does the Health Workforce Collaborative aim to achieve?

The mission of the Health Workforce Collaborative is to continuously employ innovative methods and tools designed to convene and engage community stakeholders in collaborative efforts that efficiently develop and support the healthcare workforce in New York State. 

Providing measurable benefits to:
What is the current health workforce situation?

The health workforce is facing record shortages in many geographic areas and professions. There simply aren’t enough practitioners and staff to adequately meet the needs of the population. This strain on the current workforce and the health system as a whole is only amplified in light of a global pandemic.

The five primary external forces guiding the strategic approach of the Health Workforce Collaborative are:

There is currently no comprehensive, effective, sustainable, community-driven healthcare workforce development infrastructure in New York State.

There is very little coordination or collaboration of existing healthcare workforce development agencies and initiatives at the regional or State level.

The essential pathways that connect secondary education, post-secondary education, clinical training, clinical placement, healthcare employment and continuing education are minimal in number, difficult to identify, and exceedingly challenging to navigate.

New York State has recently cut funding and/or completely defunded key healthcare workforce development programs/agencies.

Healthcare employers throughout the state are already challenged with a workforce shortage.

The Collaborative addresses each of these forces independently and systemically by deploying a flexible, agile, and sustainable community-based platform designed to analyze, engage, guide, and manage the volatile supply and demand dynamics of New York State’s healthcare workforce at a local and State level.

Our approach to health workforce challenges

Connecting and engaging through innovative solutions

The approach and methods created and deployed by the Health Workforce Collaborative center around an online digital platform, The Health Workforce Hub, and one of its key components, the Marketplace.

The Health Workforce Hub is a free online platform that provides visitors with a wide array of health workforce information, resources, and opportunities.

The Marketplace is a space within the Health Workforce Hub in which health workforce agencies may subscribe to post their programs, products, services and/or other related offerings.

All forms of healthcare employers may access the Marketplace to easily filter, identify, and engage directly those programs, products, and services that best match their workforce needs.

Once fully developed and deployed, subscriptions and sponsorships will ensure sustainability of the Health Workforce Collaborative in perpetuity.

The foundation of the Health Workforce Collaborative is based on the values of democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity. In the tradition of its founders, the Collaborative upholds the ethical values of honesty, transparency, social responsibility and caring for others.
Erika Flint
Past Board President

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Meet Our Board of Directors

Melanie Rhodes

Executive Director, Western New York Rural Area Health Education Center

Board President

Alice Savino

Executive Director, Workforce Development Board

Board Vice President

Dr. Robert Martinano

Senior Program Manager, Center for Health Workforce Studies

Board Treasurer

Kelly Owens

Executive Director, Hudson Mohawk AHEC

Board Secretary

Sara Wall Bollinger

Executive Director, SWB Consulting Services

Dr. Hazel Sanderson-Marcoux, R.N., Ed.D.

(Retired) Former Associate Dean, Long Island University Brooklyn Center, School of Nursing

Erika Flint

Executive Director, Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization

Daniel Liss

Executive Director, New York Alliance for Careers in Healthcare NYC Mayor’s Office of Talent and Workforce Development

Stacy Jaffee Gropack, PT, Ph.D., FASAHP

Dean and Professor, School of Health Professions, Stony Brook University

Richard Merchant

CEO, Health Workforce New York (HWNY)

Patricia Simino Boyce, Ph.D., R.N.

University Dean for Health and Human Services, City University of New York (CUNY)

Funders & Partners

The Health Workforce Collaborative is supported by funding from the Health Foundation for Western & Central New York, Cloudsplitter Foundation, Community Foundation for Herkimer & Oneida, and United Way of Northern New York.

The following organizations have helped pioneer the Health Workforce Collaborative with expertise, resources, and start-up funds. 

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