As stated in this article by MedPage Today, if your facility’s plan for helping clinicians cope with the pandemic is to provide support when they ask, you’re probably not doing enough. At Delaware-based ChristianaCare, a key feature of its approach to employee wellness is emphasis on proactive support.

“We’re not waiting for people to raise their hand and say they need help,” said Heather Farley, MD, an emergency physician and the system’s chief wellness officer.

ChristianaCare’s approach involves an “intensive in-person rounding” on front-line care providers, with a focus on clinicians in the COVID unit, the emergency department, and other areas that support those units. Farley and other colleagues bring around a cart of snacks, drinks, chapstick, and lotions to the units. The cart visits also provide clinicians with real-time support and help Farley and her team identify concerns that might require escalation to leaders within a unit or system.

These initiatives are inspired by the idea that when clinicians care for themselves, they’re better able to care for others, explained Janice Nevin, president and CEO of ChristianaCare.

“When we’re better able to care for others, that care is safer and we provide a better experience for everyone involve,” she added.


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