Ever-Changing Patient Needs Require Embrace of Digital Technologies

As the pandemic rages on, meeting patients where they are has never been more important. In this opinion piece by Danielle Hicks, chief patient officer at the GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, she explains how telehealth has become an integral part of health care systems across the geographical spectrum, allowing communities a chance to receive quality medical care without making the sometimes-long trek to a care center.

Hicks advocates for further adoption and utilization of telehealth technology to better meet the needs of patients. Her organization has also adopted a multitude of digital tools at an organizational level to continue raising awareness and educating communities. Hicks describes GOFoundation’s use of telehealth to benefit patients, advocates, and survivors of lung cancer in the time of COVID-19.

In conclusion of her piece, Hicks encourages every leader in an elected position to recognize the life-saving benefits of embracing digital technologies – from advanced telehealth platforms to everyday services that patients and providers use to stay connected. 


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