In a recent resident survey, work-life balance continues to be the top concern for residents. 27% of residents in years 1 through 4 listed that as the top concern, and 32% in years 5 through 8 agreed.

The survey, titled Medscape Residents Salary & Debt Report 2020 collected data from 1,659 US medical residents from April 3 to June 1. Some of the findings also included student debt information, with nearly one in four residents (24%) having medical school debt of more than $300,000. Half (49%) had more than $200,000.

In regard to the pandemic, Most residents who were asked whether their training prepared them for COVID-19 said it had not or they weren’t sure. 40% said they felt prepared, 30% said they did not feel prepared and 31% answered they were unsure.


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