Category: Return to the Workforce

Jan 08
The Challenge in Tracking Unemployment Among Health Care Workers and Why It Matters

Having accurate data on the health workforce is essential to direct policy and can…

Nov 23
These Front-Line Workers Could Have Retired. They Risked Their Lives Instead.

Retired healthcare workers, most of whom were 65 years and older, had a variety of…

Nov 13
58,300 Healthcare Jobs Added in October; Hospitals See Job Gains

Hospitals are seeing job growth for the fourth month since March.

Oct 13
Healthcare Jobs in Uneven Recovery after Big Spring Losses

Some of the healthcare sectors initially hit hardest by the pandemic have posted gains…

Oct 08
As the Pandemic Poses Risks for Older Doctors, Some are Retiring Early in Response

As longtime practicing physicians and specialists are closing their offices, experts…

Sep 11
Healthcare Jobs Grew by 75K in August as Industry Recovers from Job Losses Due to COVID-19

Hospitals continue to add more jobs after several major subsystems furloughed and laid…

Sep 08
26 Hospitals Bringing Back Furloughed Employees

Many U.S. hospitals and health systems have furloughed staff to help offset revenue…

Jul 07
358K Healthcare Jobs Added in June

Healthcare added 358,000 jobs in June, with hospitals seeing their first modest gain…

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