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Nov 13
58,300 Healthcare Jobs Added in October; Hospitals See Job Gains

Hospitals are seeing job growth for the fourth month since March.

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Oct 21
Healthiest Communities Project

The Healthiest Communities project ranks nearly 3,000 communities nationwide on metrics such as equity, nutrition, public safety, and environment.

Oct 13
Healthcare Jobs in Uneven Recovery after Big Spring Losses

Some of the healthcare sectors initially hit hardest by the pandemic have posted gains every month since April, and appear to be inching closer to their pre-pandemic levels.

Oct 08
As the Pandemic Poses Risks for Older Doctors, Some are Retiring Early in Response

As longtime practicing physicians and specialists are closing their offices, experts say this will probably lead to major shortages of doctors and nurses in the future.

Sep 11
How Common is Burnout Among Physicians? It Depends on How it’s Defined

Burnout has drawn considerable attention in the health care field, given that it impacts mental and physical health and has been associated with self-reported medical errors among physicians.

Sep 11
Healthcare Jobs Grew by 75K in August as Industry Recovers from Job Losses Due to COVID-19

Hospitals continue to add more jobs after several major subsystems furloughed and laid off workers at the onset of the pandemic in March.

Sep 10
Keys to a Happy Career in Medicine

Family physicians are in high demand and have boundless career choices, but finding a job that's the right fit can be challenging.

Aug 24
AHI Leadership Summit & North Country Telehealth Conference

AHI is excited to offer a new conference format for 2020, with the AHI Leadership Summit joining forces with the state’s premier telehealth conference, brought to you by the North Country Telehealth Partnership (a collaboration of Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization and Adirondack Health Institute).

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Jul 13
Which Mental Health Apps are Best?

Researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center have developed a guide that includes what clinical evidence has to say about the apps.

Jul 09
Experimental Treatment May Have Eliminated Man’s HIV

An experimental drug therapy appears to have removed HIV from a Brazilian man.

Get the Most out of the Health Workforce Collaborative

Having a HWcollab account gives you all sorts of ways to make the most of your health career journey.