New Survey Shows Patients’ Physical and Mental Health is Declining

According to this recent article from Primary Care Collaborative (PPC), a new survey of primary care clinicians released by the Larry A. Green Center in collaboration with (PCC) shows patients’ physical and mental health is declining as nearly seven months of the pandemic take their toll. Half of surveyed clinicians noted that the overall physical health of the population has declined, and 41% said the health of patients with chronic conditions is noticeably worse. An overwhelming 86% of clinicians reported a pandemic-related decline in the population’s mental health.

The survey was conducted September 18-21 and shows that, while primary care has improved since April, the viability of practices is still at risk. More than a quarter (28%) of practices have permanently reduced the size of their staff because of COVID-19, 26% said at least a third of their practice’s work continues to be unpaid.

“Health care is the fourth-largest industry in the U.S. Its biggest arm by far is the one that handles close to half a billion visits every year,” said Rebecca Etz, PhD, co-director of The Larry A. Green Center. “Primary care is the solution we need to battle this pandemic, but we continue to stand by and watch the levees break.”


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