Employee Performance and Nutrition: 7 Habits of Naturally Healthy People

BusinessWatch Network is hosting this webinar on 8/20 at 1:00p.m. that will focus on the principles and practices of Functional Nutrition as discovered and taught over the 40 year career of the speaker, who is an expert and a pioneer in the area of Nutrition, Health and Human Performance.

The speaker, Russell Mariani, is a Health Educator and Digestive Wellness expert who has been in private practice since 1980. He is the co-founder of The Center for Functional Nutrition in South Hadley, Massachusetts. He is the author of the book, Principle Eating, The No Diet Way to Complete Health and several other health-related books and ebooks. Mariani is an internationally recognized speaker on the subject of Nutrition and Performance. He is passionate about teaching others how to be and become more proactive in their own self-care.


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