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Nov 13
58,300 Healthcare Jobs Added in October; Hospitals See Job Gains

Hospitals are seeing job growth for the fourth month since March.

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Nov 09
Self-Care a Must for Nurses to Combat Compassion Fatigue

A healthy work/life balance and self-care tactics are vital resources that serve as a barrier to compassion fatigue.

Nov 09
A Convenient Solution for Mandatory In-Service Training

Rapid Compliance is an affordable, online solution for mandatory in-service training designed specifically for healthcare organizations.

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Oct 21
Healthiest Communities Project

The Healthiest Communities project ranks nearly 3,000 communities nationwide on metrics such as equity, nutrition, public safety, and environment.

Sep 10
Keys to a Happy Career in Medicine

Family physicians are in high demand and have boundless career choices, but finding a job that's the right fit can be challenging.

Aug 24
AHI Leadership Summit & North Country Telehealth Conference

AHI is excited to offer a new conference format for 2020, with the AHI Leadership Summit joining forces with the state’s premier telehealth conference, brought to you by the North Country Telehealth Partnership (a collaboration of Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization and Adirondack Health Institute).

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Jul 23
PPE Stockpile Regulation

The DOH has released an emergency regulation requiring hospitals to stockpile personal protective equipment within specific timeframes.

Jul 09
Experimental Treatment May Have Eliminated Man’s HIV

An experimental drug therapy appears to have removed HIV from a Brazilian man.

Jul 07
Nurses Strike: ‘It’s Not Safe for Patients’

Labor action claims dehydrated nurses wear masks for 12 hours without a break for water or lunch.

Jul 07
358K Healthcare Jobs Added in June

Healthcare added 358,000 jobs in June, with hospitals seeing their first modest gain since March.

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