Category: Regulations

Jan 07
Some Health Care Workers Say They Are ‘Forgotten’ In COVID-19 Vaccination Plans

Countless medical professionals who care for COVID-19 patients have struggled to get…

Jan 06
N.Y. to Fine Hospitals that Fail to Use Up Vaccines

Hospitalizations in New York have doubled since early December, and daily new cases…

Nov 09
A Convenient Solution for Mandatory In-Service Training

Rapid Compliance is an affordable, online solution for mandatory in-service training…

Oct 16
Pandemic Flexibilities in Long-Term Care

This webinar discusses issues both new and old in long-term care as expert speakers…

Oct 14
Top 4 Tips for Succession Planning

Positioning oneself and their practice for a smooth transition takes time and…

Oct 02
As COVID Cases Rise, Insurers Reduce Coverage for Virtual Doctors’ Visits

Insurers are rolling back the terms of telehealth coverage they launched this spring,…

Jul 23
PPE Stockpile Regulation

The DOH has released an emergency regulation requiring hospitals to stockpile personal…

Jul 21
Hospitals Are Suddenly Short of Young Doctors — Because of Trump’s Visa Ban

Doctors treating coronavirus patients were supposed to be allowed into the U.S., but…

Jul 07
Nurses Strike: ‘It’s Not Safe for Patients’

Labor action claims dehydrated nurses wear masks for 12 hours without a break for…

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