Health Workforce Collaborative

Providing an infrastructure for local and state-wide health workforce development.

Health Workforce Development Infrastucture

Designed to convene and engage community stakeholders in collaborative efforts.

Digital Platform

An online platform giving subscribers access to health workforce development tools, information, and resources.

Mini Grants

A Community Program Fund that will support commonly under-funded community-based healthcare workforce development programs.


An opportunity to advocate for causes with like-minded people that could lead to change and improve health workforce development in your communities.

Measurable Benefits

The purpose of the Health Workforce Collaborative is to simultaneously provide measurable benefits to the following key stakeholders:


Organizations that provide programs, products, and services designed to grow, recruit, train, and retain a quality health workforce. 


Healthcare organizations that provide care to communities across NYS and need access to and support in building a quality health workforce. 


Beyond the care provided, healthcare services drive local economies and account for an extensive array of job opportunities. 

Coming Soon

We’re building tools to help the current and future health workforce grow and develop.


Our Heroes without a cape. 

Healthcare workers looking to advance their career through training and development opportunities.

Students in health career training and degree programs looking to advance their career through job and development opportunities.

High school students and adults looking to explore and experience health careers, build pathways, and make connections. 

Digital Platform

Health workforce development tools, information, and resources.


Share and search for programs that help grow, recruit, train, and develop their workforce. 


Engage in discussions related to growing, recruiting, training, and retaining a quality health workforce. 

News Center

Stay informed on need-to-know health workforce news and information. 

Resource Database

Search for health workforce development resources, reports, toolkits, guides, and opportunities.

Events Calendar

Post and search health workforce development webinars, meetings, and conferences.

Grants Database

Find health workforce development grant opportunities.

Career Center

Explore health career professions, experiential opportunities, training programs, employers, and job openings.

Training Center

Share and search trainings that grow and develop the workforce. 

Coming Soon.

Community Impact

Healthcare is the cornerstone of our communities

Beyond the care provided by its residents, healthcare services drive local economies and account for an extensive array of job opportunities. Healthcare is the foundation upon which communities achieve healthy status in its broadest terms. 

The core of a viable healthcare system is its workers. They need to be well-trained and continuously supported. Most importantly, there needs to be enough of them. 


Severe Workforce Shortage

The healthcare workforce shortage is worsening and will reach crisis proportions given the ongoing pandemic and its effects on patient loads and worker burnout.

of Residents
0 %

met the definition for burnout according to a survey of 7,000 resident (JAMA Surgery, 2020)

Additional Nurses
0 m

are needed to avoid a further shortages, projected by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects (Nursing Times)

0 %

will happen in the rural physician workforce by 2030, mainly due to retirements (The New England Journal of Medicine, 2019)

Direct Care Jobs
0 m

will need to be filled by 2026 (PHI National, 2019)

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