Explore a Career in

Care Coordination & Care Management

If you enjoy working with people and have good communication and listening skills, consider a career in care coordination or care management.

Job titles include:

  • Care Coordinator
  • Community Care Coordinator
  • Patient Care Coordinator
  • Clinical Care Coordinator
  • Care Manager
  • Nurse Care Manager
  • Complex Care Manager
  • Health Home Care Manager
  • Case Manager
  • RN Case Manager

What is Care Coordination and Care Management?

There are many definitions for each, and they often overlap. Here are two definitions that give a basic overview:

Care Coordination: Involves organizing patient/client care and sharing information among all participants involved, ensuring effective communication and safe, appropriate care.

Care Management: Focuses on partnering with patients/clients to help them prevent and manage their medical and mental/behavioral health conditions for optimal outcomes.

Roles of Care Coordinators & Care Managers

CCs and CMs work directly with the person receiving care and/or family members or caregivers to provide a wide variety of functions, such as:
Care coordinators usually focus more on coordination of efforts and bridging social care with clinical care. Care managers usually focus more on chronic disease management and may need a clinical degree.

Education & Experience

The requirements for education and work experience can vary by employer and location within New York State.

Education Requirements:

Work Experience

Where do Care Coordinators and Care Managers work?

Care managers and care coordinators work in a variety of settings, including:

Helpful Resources

The following resources are for people interested in becoming a Care Coordinator or Care Manager.
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