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Sara Wall Bollinger
Executive Director, SWB Consulting Services

An experienced leader, Sara has worked in the not-for-profit sector, representing people with disabilities, children in foster care, people living with HIV/AIDS, refugees, veterans and other disadvantaged groups. As an agency Executive Director, Sara has demonstrated leadership and managerial skills. Having served in Board leadership at several organizations, she is familiar with governance, compliance and membership issues. She has a collaborative, co-creating and interactive style, with a strong constituent focus and passionate respect for the unique gifts of all individuals, especially volunteers.

More recently she has represented the needs of statewide associations such as the CBO Consortium of Upstate NY and NYS Association for Rural Health. Sara has also participated in regional, state and national conferences. She now owns a management consulting business with clients all around upstate New York. A Health Leadership Fellow, she is a member of the Manlius Town Board, the Village of Fayetteville Planning Board and the Greater Manlius Chamber of Commerce.

The foundation of the Health Workforce Collaborative is based on the values of democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity. In the tradition of its founders, the Collaborative upholds the ethical values of honesty, transparency, social responsibility and caring for others.
Erika Flint
Board President

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