Collaborate FAQs

Learn how to search and collaborate with other organizations.

Step 1: Click on the “Collaborate” Tab:

    • Navigate to the “Collaborate” section of our platform.

Step 2: Filter by “Workforce developers”:

    • Use the filter options to select “Workforce Developers” from the listing types.

Step 3: Filter by Distance:

    • Narrow down your search by setting a distance filter to find organizations close to your location.

Step 4: View Organization Profiles:

    • Browse through the filtered list and select an organization you are interested in. Visit their profile to learn more about them.

Step 5: Visit the Organization’s Website:

    • From the organization’s profile, click on the link to visit their official website for more detailed information.

Step 6: Send Messages:

    • Use our platform to send direct messages to the organizations you wish to collaborate with.

Step 7: Leave a Review:

    • After interacting with an organization, you can leave a review on their profile to share your experience with others.

These steps will help you efficiently find and connect with healthcare organizations for collaboration.

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