Key member of a healthcare team, tasked with drawing blood from patients or donors.

Quick Facts

This occupation is expected to grow rapidly and is projected to have large numbers of job openings.

Post secondary non-degree award

Typical Required Education

Room for Advancement

Many phlebotomists study while they work

$18.03 hourly
$37,515 annual

Average salary rates in NYS.

This career is right for you, if..

You want a fulfilling and rewarding career.
You have excellent people skills.
You are unbothered by the sight of blood.
Help relax individuals who are nervous about having their blood drawn.
Detail-oriented and willing to keep your workspace clean and sanitized.


Phlebotomists, or phlebotomy technicians, are health care professionals who collect blood samples from patients for tests, transfusions or donations. They assist with the handling, labeling, and processing of these samples and frequently enter patient information into a database.

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Career Pathways

The following careers are great advancement options for phlebotomists.

Careers that require a post secondary non-degree award


$40,114 per year, $19.28 per hour (BLS)*

Anesthesia Technologist

$40,945 per year, $19.68 per hour (BLS)*

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)

$47,050 per year, $22.62 per hour (BLS)*

Careers that require a two-year associates degree

Surgical Technologist

$51,730 per year, $24.87 per hour (NYSDOL)*

Respiratory Therapist

$73,520 per year, $35.34 per hour (NYSDOL)*

MRI Technologist

$79,200 per year, $38.07 per hour (NYSDOL)*

Careers that require more than two-years of education

Registered Nurse (RN)

$91,062 per year, $43.78 per hour (NYSDOL)*

Nurse Practitioner (NP)

$122,550 per year, $58.91 per hour (NYSDOL)*

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