Career Readiness Resources

A program for career seekers and nursing students to develop essential skills to thrive in the health workforce.

Earned Resource Points:

Career Exploration Resources

Assess Interests and Skills

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Explore Nursing Careers

Gain insight into different nursing occupations to discover the career that is the right fit for you.

Career Guidance & Support

This guidance and support will be completed with the student’s personal mentor, who will provide support throughout the process.

Career Planning Resources


Get Experience

Students will be able to gain real-world nursing career experience through various resources.

Career Readiness Resources


ACT© WorkKeys© Essential Skills Training

The ACT© WorkKeys© Essential Skills Training targets essential workplace soft skills, covering topics such as critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, communication, work discipline and customer service. All topics are essential to a positive and successful workplace environment, and the students will be better prepared for employment through the completion of these trainings.

Application and Interview Ready

Students will receive proper guidance in resume writing, job applications, interviewing, college entry requirements, personal and education finance, and workplace success strategies.

Career Panel Discussion

Gain insight into health workforce development, training and employment, college entrance, funding, program requirements and campus culture, career realities and workplace environments, as well as features and benefits of regional rural communities.

Advanced Career Readiness Resources

Mentoring Sessions

Students will receive 20 hours of personal college and career readiness mentoring.

NCR Testing

Earn the ACT© WorkKeys© National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) documenting essential work skills, showing potential employers promise in the candidate.


Get personal career advice and support with employment referrals with letters of recommendation to area healthcare providers.

Pay License Fees

Apply to get your New York State Licensing fees reimbursed.