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Manage your Organization

Learn how to maximize your organization’s visibility and create a compelling profile.

Step 1: Ensure you are logged into your personal account on the HWC. 

    • You are not logged in if you see a “Sign In” button at the top of the page. 

Step 2: Promote Your Organization

    • From your dashboard, click the “Promote” button. 

Step 3: Add Your Organization

    • Click the “Add Organization” button. 

Step 4: Claim Your Organization

    • Search for your organization in the dropdown menu.
    • If your organization appears, select it to claim it.
    • If your organization does not appear, click to add it. 

Step 5: Create a New Profile

    • Enter the organization name.
    • Provide an email address for the organization profile (this email must be different from your personal account email – or, the email you used to create your account –  and will be used to manage access and account recovery. It is sometimes a shared organizational email that other people on your team may also have access to).

Step 6: Complete Your Organization’s Profile

    • Follow the prompts to complete the organization’s profile.
    • Provide as much information as possible to ensure your organization is easily found, viewed, and attractive to potential candidates. The more, the better. 
    • Click “Save Changes”.

Step 7: Finish and Return to Your Account

    • Your organization is now added to The Health Workforce Collaborative.

Click “Back to your account” on the left-side menu to return to your personal Health Workforce Collaborative account.

Step 1: Ensure you are logged into your personal account on the HWC. 

    • You are not logged in if you see a “Sign In” button at the top of the page. 

Step 2: Access the Promotion Section

    • Once logged in, select the “Promote” option from the main menu of your dashboard. 

Step 3: Choose Your Organization

    • Click on the organization you want to edit. You will now be managing that organization’s profile.

Step 4: Edit Your Organization’s Profile

    • In the left menu, select “Edit Your Organization.

Step 5: Update Information

    • Make the necessary edits and updates to your organization’s information.

Step 6: Save Your Changes

    • After making your updates, click “Save Changes” to ensure your information is updated.

Click “Back to your account” on the left-side menu to return to your personal Health Workforce Collaborative account.

For maximum visibility and appeal, we recommend the following: 

  • A clear and concise mission statement.
  • Information about your organization’s history, vision, and values.
  • Detailed descriptions of services and programs offered.
  • Professional bios of key staff members and leadership, if relevant. 
  • Any media that highlights your organization.
  • When managing your organization’s profile, click on “promote experiences”
  • Add resources, services, and solutions that your organization offers.
  • Network with other partners on the Health Workforce Collaborative. 
  • Utilize social media platforms to share success stories, health tips, and organizational updates.
  • Engage with local communities through health fairs, free clinics, and public health campaigns. 
  • Collaborate with other health organizations, local businesses, and influencers to expand reach.
  • Regularly update your organization’s information to reflect new services, staff changes, and accomplishments.
  • Review and revise at least quarterly to ensure accuracy and relevance

Use our analytics tool to track and evaluate your presence on the Collaborative by reviewing views, clicks, preferences, and access insights for your organization’s and solutions listings.

Step 1: Manage Your Organization’s Profile:

    • Navigate to the profile management section of your platform.

Step 2: Click on Analytics:

    • Find and select the “Analytics” tab or button.

Step 3: View Analytics Data:

    • Once in the analytics section, you will be able to see various data points such as views, visits, and other relevant information about your profile’s performance.

Your organization’s profile can be viewed by:

  • Other workforce developers registered on our platform.
  • Healthcare employers and educators looking for collaborative partners.
  • Potential recruits and trainees.
  • General visitors to our website interested in health workforce development.
  • Educational content such as blog posts, videos, and infographics on health topics.
  • Patient/client testimonials and success stories.
  • Updates on new services, technologies, and staff introductions.

To promote your organization and add more content, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on “Promote”: This will take you to the promotion section.

Step 2: Add Information: Enter details about your organization, including key information and any promotional material you want to include.

Step 3: Add Resources: Upload or link to any additional resources that support your promotional efforts.

Step 4: Save Changes: Once you’ve entered all the necessary information and added your resources, click “Save Changes” to finalize your updates.

  • High-quality images of your facilities, staff, and events.
  • Video tours, patient/client testimonials, and interviews with healthcare providers.
  • Ensure all contact information and links are current.
  • Overloading the profile with too much information.
  • Using outdated or low-quality visuals.
  • Failing to clearly communicate what makes your organization unique.
  • Emphasize specialized treatments and cutting-edge technology.
  • Share case studies and success stories that demonstrate your organization’s expertise.
  • Highlight any unique programs or community involvement initiatives.

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